Customer Success

Don't listen to us. Listen to our customers.

VHI Healthcare

"GetHealth was successful in enabling our employees to start thinking about their health. Doing so alone will have allowed Vhi Healthcare to achieve a key objective."

Michael Owens, HR Director, Vhi Healthcare
Centric Health

"We wanted a program which made getting healthy fun and which helped you get hooked on the health habits which makes you look better, feel better and live longer. The intention for us as a company is to go shoulder to shoulder together at a practice or department level to prove that as a team we are simply the best and better than all the rest.”

Dr Ray Power, General Medical Director, CentricHealth
Aer Lingus

"The main feature of the app that I really liked was that it was really easy to use. It was very simple and friendly in a fun way. I would recommend GetHealth for any organisation big or small"

Louise Hodgson, Programme Director, UA
Aer Lingus

"This was a fun way of promoting our wellness initiatives. It very much tied in with our preventative approach to Health and Safety management in Aer Lingus. The platform facilitated a much wider connection with our employees than any of our previous well being initiatives. We are very conscious that creating behavioral change is the key to people living a healthier life and using modern technology to get to a wider audience can only benefit us as a company and more importantly our staff."

Deirdre O'Kennedy, AerLingus, Corporate Health and Safety Advisor