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The Complete Wellness Platform

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Our platform includes an intuitive mobile app for employees and an online dashboard for employers allowing for effective tracking and management of your wellness programs

Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

71% of employees are only partially engaged or fully disengaged from their workplace wellness plans. GetHealth boosts employee engagement by making them simple, social and fun.



GetHealth facilitates effective communication between employees and their employer/wellness provider. Push-notifications can be sent to employees at specific times in order to promote new announcements with the program.

Measure ROI

Measure ROI

GetHealth provides aggregated data feedback to measure the effectiveness of our service. This allows employers to track engagement levels in wellness initiatives, which helps to accurately measure returns on investment.

Our Three Pillars of Health

Creating lasting behavior change in health habits by delivering an evidence-based program that is simple, social and fun.


Diet & Nutrition


Activity & Exercise


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mobile App Features

1. Fast check-in

Users can earn points by checking-in to healthy tasks in the Move, Munch and Mind categories on the home screen.

2. Simple Metrics

Points for check-ins are added to your overall health score: the goal is to beat your rolling 7-Day best!

Available on Google Play
GetHealth Application Features

3. Leaderboard

Your leaderboard of friends and colleagues turns GetHealth into a social game, helping you feel motivated to improve your health.

4. Achievements

Earn badges of achievement for your efforts that are based on real health successes such as consistency and improvement.

Available on Google Play
Gameful Design

Gameful Design

GetHealth incorporates the principles of game design in order to maximize employee engagement. It gives employees small, achievable health-goals which eventually add up to a lasting change in behaviour.



The points earned in the app creates a metric by which users can track their health improvement over time. This delivers personalized feedback to employees giving them the data they need to improve their health.

Social Support

Social Support

GetHealth creates a virtual community based around the promotion of healthy values. Within this community employees can collaborate, co-operate and compete with their colleagues as they move toward a healthier lifestyle.

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